What is a Bodyguard? A Secret Service Agent Lookalike?

What does one imagine when thinking about a “protector”? At the point when one considers the authentic picture of a “protector”, a great many people imagine an enormous, tall, mean looking individual, equipped for lifting you in one hand and throwing you across the room, apparently without exertion.

In this day and age, security experts allude to “protectors”, our partners, as “leader insurance trained professionals” or “EP specialists”.

As far as addressing the main inquiry, “What is a guardian”; how about we initially pose the inquiry: What is Executive Protection?

Chief Protection is the reconciliation and organization of physical and specialized safety efforts and countermeasures to secure the existence of the protectee (individual ensured) as well as corporate resource or property.

Chief assurance isn’t just the customary picture of a “thug” watching a dignitary, V.I.P. or on the other hand superstar. The advanced assurance specialist picture is fixated on:

o a “non-angry, episode aversion” proficient.

o the hostile, strategic, attack disapproved of individual bodyguards for hire serves his/her motivation in a “compound” climate.

o the present leader assurance expert is prepared to “cover and empty”.


o large height

o flashy garments

o always outfitted – lawful or not

o forceful and forceful

o “gofer” or “toady” job

o site assurance as it were

o overuse of faculty

o not consistently prepared or instructed


o average stature

o business dress

o armed when important

o diplomatic and adaptable

o security proficient

o 24/7 complete security

o technology utilized whenever the situation allows

o educated and PC educated

The above correlation as well as depiction prompts an issue which is unforgettable to my heart, since all around regularly in the present business world, a clueless customer endeavors to search out a certified proficient and without knowing or understanding, the customer approaches a firm or person whom the individual has situated through the business index or web, and ends up talking about their intense issues with an individual straightforwardly from the above list: the previous picture of an Executive Protection Agent.

Really frequently today, asserted experts arise, practically consistently, having accepted their state permit or ‘no’ permit by any stretch of the imagination and hang up ‘shingles’ and direct business. In New York or Florida, for models, the necessity for giving Executive Protection or protector administrations is ownership of a Private Investigator’s permit. There could be no other preparing or experience required. This happens very frequently and these purported experts introduce themselves as the Executive Protection master “professional!

They forego any similarity to legitimate functional conventions, for example, ‘security advance work’ and typically without directing an appropriate danger or weakness appraisal, propose to offer customers defensive types of assistance and more terrible of all, at ‘cut’ rates.

They not just trade off the nature of administration delivered the customer, however they likewise weaken the calling, subverting the ‘qualified experts’ over here and totally sabotage the calling from a ‘business angle’.

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